Open-Sourced Algorithms

FXAG Contract Address:   TBC 

FXAT Contract Address:   0xEF0e29cD9CA60a5D7DCeB6cBeF37D311c5347947

Community Driven

Built on open-sourced algorithms for use by anyone. Anyone can become a developer and earn FXAT based on performance. 

There will be two tokens FXAT and FXAG. The utility difference is FXAT is used by FXA Technologies to pay the developers. FXAG is used by the community to purchase the algorithms and day-to-day transactions. The reason we have created two tokens is to minimise the volatility in FXAT and allow hyper-growth in FXAG. 


Devolopers will be able to swap FXAT for FXAG in our exchange. 


Built for the Future of DeFi

Built by Algorithm Developers for the Crypto Community. 


FXA Technologies was established in 2019 as an algorithm development company.

Data Science Acceleration

Mathematically built to rebase and grow at a rapid rate through burning and auto-LP. 

Ambitious Road

Road map to ensure a successful long-term approach to the reshaping of DeFi community.


Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

FXA TECHNOLOGIES has two decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens with one main purpose and three functions during each transaction. The main purpose of FXA is to support an open-sourced community of algorithmic developers that can be used globally by anyone in the FXA community.

Developers are rewarded in FXAT based on their performance and paid in FXAG by their algorithmic users. Allowing data scientists, quants, and developers to transact and express their work to the worldwide community.

The three functions of the token are automatic distribution, auto-liquidity generating protocol, and automatic burning on each transaction. Holders of the FXAG will receive more tokens each time a transaction takes place.

FXA was launched by a team of algorithmic traders and developers at FXA Technologies. Unlike traditional algorithmic traders, the FXA team wants to open source their findings and allow anyone to copy and benefit from the algorithms. Creating a follower and creator environment that everyone can benefit from.


One of the main features of the FXA is developers are rewarded tokens based on performance, this means the token becomes more valuable as more developers and users join the community.


Creator Token


Used by FXA Technologies managment team to reward developers for internal algorithm use. 

Total Supply:     1,000,000,000

Auto-LP:             4%     

Tax:                     1%

Redistribution:  5%


Follower Token

Used by FXA Technologies community to purchase algorithms and use them for day-to-day transactions. 

FXAG has not yet been released. Sign up for our token airdrop and presale waiting list.


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Q4 2021

FXAT Fair Launch

FXAG Fair Launch

Coin Market Cap 

Coin Gecko 

Q1 2022

FXA Wallet Launch

FXA  Algorithm NFT Marketplace

First CEX Upload

Certik Audit

Q2 2022

FXA Exchange Launch

Algorithms Uploaded to the Exchange

FXA Algorithmic Farm 

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